​​About Vinie

Kamaljit Kaur is the founder and CEO of Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection. She was born to a traditional family in India steeped in ancient wisdom and healing technology. Her parents, Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., and Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, Ph.D., introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969 and spearheaded the creation of the first Ayurvedic-based businesses (Yogi Tea, Golden Temple and Peace Cereal) in the United States. They raised Kamaljit in a household that incorporated ancient Ayurvedic principles into almost every aspect of daily life. From the healing meals her father would cook following ancient Ayurvedic principles to the special paste her mother would put on her wounds to fight infection and reduce scarring, Vinie learned from an early age the inherent healing and therapeutic benefits natural herbs and oils possess.

Over her lifetime, Kamaljit has conducted diligent research and immersed herself in the study of Ayurveda; she worked closely with her father and gained immense knowledge of the secrets of Ayurveda. She also traveled throughout South India spending years learning about the knowledge held within each fold of the Ayurvedic herbal leaves. Meticulously applying the principles of Ayurveda to her own formulas, Vinie tested and developed a line of products that captures the unique Ayurvedic ancient technology.

In efforts to share the fruits of her labor and introduce the tremendous benefits of Ayurveda with others across the globe, Kamaljit established Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection™, a 100% natural, Ayurvedic whole body care line based on the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda that have never before been shared with the world. By combining the highest quality ingredients (such as handpicked rare herbs and plant extracts chosen for their purity and potency), Yogi's products allow everyone the opportunity to experience the timeless world of Ayurveda. In her own journey Kamaljit believes that “What You Put On is What You Put Within.™”

Yogi's unique philosophy

At Yogi, we rely on only on a vast resource of botanicals and essential oils combined to achieve irresistible beauty and healthy radiance. About her products Vinie states: “ Yogi products are rooted in the belief that what you put on is what you put within. Our innovative formulations are 100% natural, Ayurvedic and contain no preservatives, no harmful chemicals or artificial additives and remain true to Vedic teachings and Ayurvedic tradition.™ ” 

The Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection™ is different from other body care products because of the botanicals used, and the synergistic manner in which the botanicals’ natural properties are combined. We stay true to the sacred Ayurvedic knowledge and tradition of extracting and blending some of nature's most gentle yet potent ingredients. These Ayurvedic traditions have been passed down through millennia, but these effective herbal and botanical remedies have never been revealed to the rest of the world until now! Yogi products are crafted from formulations that are made from the highest quality ingredients, rare herbs and essential oils and are crafted remaining entirely true to Vedic teachings and Ayurvedic traditions. The Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection™ is formulated to achieve maximum results and are potent yet gentle enough to use daily, leaving you feeling fresh, beautiful and radiant.